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Connecting your feelings with KISWEL

Our People

Creative People
Those who are upright andat the same time possess creativity

Talented and ambitious individuals are a key factor for an organization to triumph in the global market. In order to ultimately narrow the gap with global companies and to take steps in becoming a global company, KISWEL looks forward to welcoming and providing opportunities for new talents who are equipped with expertise various fields,
language capabilities,
and abundant knowledge.

The Challenge Seekers
Those who are not afraid to give it their all and strive for the better outcome.

We are in need of people who are committed to self-improvement. A true KISWEL person never ceases to take on new challenges by being armed with up-to-date information, sound philosophy, and a strong initiative.

Strong People
Those who are sound thinkers and act correctly

The very first step in progress and innovation is by staying true to the basics.
We trust that our employees will become key contributors to the stable progress of society, the company, and themselves by staying true to the basics, taking effort to follow the principles, and to build on the successes toward a greater achievement.