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  • 대한 용접∙접학학회
    The Korean Welding and Joining Society
    TThe most representative website
    dedicated to the welding industry in
    Korea offering a vast array of welding
  • 대한 금속재료학회
    The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials
    A website with all the new information
    on metals.

    The website of one of the largest metal
    smelting companies in the world,
    containing a wide variety of
    information and visuals.
  • 한국생산기술연구원
    Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
    The only website run by a
    manufacturing technology research
    institute dedicated to Korean SMEs,
    offering a wide variety of information
    regarding manufacturing technologies.
  • 한국표준협회
    Korean Standards Association

    The official standardization website of
    Korea, which offers all the information
    on Korean and global standards such
    as KS and ISO.
  • 한국조선공업협회
    Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association
    The most representative website in
    Korea dedicated to shipbuilding.
  • 한국용접공업협동조합
    Korea Welding Industry Cooperative

    The only official Korean website run
    by industry workers, offering both
    insight and information on the Korean
    welding industry.
  • 한국선급협회
    Korean Register of Shipping

    The official website of the Korean
    classification society, offering plenty of
    information on shipbuilding, shipping,
    and the maritime industry.
  • 한국기계연구원
    Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
    A website run by the machinery and
    materials research institute
    representative of Korea, an excellent
    source of information regarding the