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Laboratory Equipment

Welding Test Equipment

This impressive instrument is equipped with a super-fast camera to observe droplet transfer in various forms, and an arc monitoring system, which measures currents and voltages in real-time. Other components include continuous circumferential welding tester, fume/splatter collector, and diffusion hydrogen tester. The testing facility is equipped with all available types of welding machines such as digital, interver, MIG/TID, Auto-TIG, MAG, SAW, and SAW and Strip types of all the leading brands so that precise analyses on welding properties and data can be drawn out.

  • Manual Electrode Welding
  • MIG/MAG Welding
  • Cored Wire Welding
  • TIG Welding
  • TIG Cold Wire Welding
  • Submerged-arc Welding
  • Submerged-arc Multi-wire Welding
  • Automated Robot Welding
  • Welding Fume Measurement System
  • High Speed Camera
  • Arc Monitoring Ststem
Chemical Analysis Equipment

The facility is equipped with various types of analytical apparatus for breaking down chemical properties and cellular tests. We take our utmost care to manage the raw materials and products without error and utilize them widely in our research activities.

  • ICP-OES(Industry Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer)
  • ICP-MS(Industry Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer)
  • Spark E/S(Spark Emission Spectrometer)
  • XRF-WDX(X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer-Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray)
  • XRD(X-Ray Diffraction)
  • FE-SEM&EDS(Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope & Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy)
  • SEM&EDS(Scanning Electron Microscope & Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy)
  • Nitrogen & Oxygen Determinator
  • Carbon & Sulfur Determinator
  • Multiphase C,H,H2O Determinator
  • Oil Contents Analyzer
  • Sieve Shaker
  • Particle Size Analzer
  • Constant temperature & Humidity & Water bath
  • Gas Chromatography for Determination of Diffusible Hydrogen in Ferritic Weld Metals
Material Test Equipment

We use a number of testing instruments dedicated to studying the mechanical properties of deposited metal and cellular interpretation of welding metallurgy.

  • Color Penetration Test
  • Visual Inspection
  • Surface Measuring System
  • Tensile Test(up to 500kN)
  • Tensile Test(up to 50kN)
  • Creep & Stress Rupture Tester
  • Hot tensile test from 1000℃(up to 100kN)
  • Bending Test
  • Notched Bar Impact Bend Test(up to 500J)
  • Hardening test(according to Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell)
  • Metallographical Experiments
  • Corrosion Tests
  • Heat Treatment(up to 1200℃)
  • PVR(Programmable Deformation Cracking Test)
  • CTOD(Crack-Tip Opening Displacement Test - up to 1000kN)